Sunday, 12 August 2012

Backuping and restoring messages form MMC before formating

Are you wanted to back up your all messages for your mobile before formatting your MMC? It’s simple and very easy just 5 minutes.Follow up these steps.At first connect your mobile to PC via Mass media. Once the mass media is activated keep your mobile on desk and come to PC. You will see folders like SYS, PRIVATE, RESOURCE, DATA etc.The following screen shot show the Folders in MMC just for you understanding.

Now navigate through PRIVATE folder. This folder contain “1000484b” and you will see mail2 folder (this is the folder where all our messages get stored)

Copy the “1000484b” folder and make a backup in your PC. After formatting your MMC again activate your mass media and copy the “1000484b” to the same location and restart your mobile. Now all the messages are restored.


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