Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nokia Asha Activate your world

  Nokia Asha

Ready to take on the world

Nokia Asha phones give you all the style and features you need for your life on the go.
311-left 311-front
Nokia Asha 311

Enjoy Superfast Gaming with a 1GHz Processor

This smartphone comes with 40 EA Games worth Rs 2,700 absolutely free!
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Nokia Asha 305

One minute song download

Presenting the new dual SIM Nokia Asha 305 with super-fast music download.
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303-left1 303-front1
Nokia Asha 303

Touch and type

With the Nokia Asha 303, you can do both - touch to browse the web and type to text, chat and mail to exchange.
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Nokia Asha 306

Activate your world

Touch screen and fast Nokia browser - it's what fun feels like.
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Dive in – the world is waiting

Asha phones have everything you need to keep you in-the-know – surf, message, chat, play, explore – go ahead and live your life, your way.
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Start exploring the Web
Ready to see what’s out there? With an Asha phone you’re always connected and ready to explore the Internet with the powerful and fast Nokia Browser, any time, any place.
Data Control
The Data Counter app (selected phones) shows you how much data you’ve used – even with Dual SIM phones – and alerts you when you’re close to a pre-defined limit.
With GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi available on different Asha models, the online world is always there when you need it.
Nokia Browser
Explore the Internet faster and with less data with the Nokia Browser – It’s up to 3X as fast as other browsers and can use around 90% less data than other phones.
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Welcome to the party
Your best mates from school, new colleagues, or the friends you met travelling – they’re all just a click away with email, Instant Messaging, social networks and more built-in to your Asha phone.
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Social Networking
All in one place, the social stream built-in to your Asha phone comes with social networks and sharing apps like Facebook and Twitter set up and ready to go.
Share everything
Take a photo one minute, and have it seen by friends the other side of the world the next. You can even share videos and songs you like.
Messaging apps
However you like to keep in touch you’re Asha phone has got you covered, with features like email, Facebook Messenger and Instant Messaging built-in.
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Hey, what’s that app?
From music production tools to the latest games, there’s no limit to what you can do with the thousands of apps available for your Asha phone in the Nokia Store.
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Head to the Nokia Store and browse through thousands of apps including apps for music, advanced photography or even online banking.
EA Games Pack
Choose from 40 top tiles like Tetris, Need for Speed, Bejewelled, Sims and more worth Rs.5259 all for free with the EA Games app, preinstalled on selected Asha phones.
Data saving
We designed our web apps to take up less space on your phone – so you can download more of them and use less data – saving you money every time you use them.
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Made for you
With a range of colours, touch, type and connectivity options, you’ll find the Asha phone that expresses your personality and fits your lifestyle.
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From sandy white to rose red, choose the colour that resonates with your personality or just matches your favourite outfit.
Touch / Type
Choose from a keyboard, touchscreen or both to suit your style and typing preference.
Intuitive Interface
With Asha, more of what you use is close to hand – with a single swipe or tap you can access messages, play music or send a photo through an easy-to-use interface.

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